Humans are hard-wired to tell stories. It’s how we’ve passed on beliefs, ideas and information for thousands of years. When you’re enthralled by a wonderful speaker or lose track of time exploring a website, it’s not because you’ve read clunky copy filled with long-winded jargon and boring facts, right? It’s because you’ve been captivated by the magic of a great story.

Science tells us it takes logic combined with emotion to get people to remember us and share our ideas. The best stories have a bit of both. In fact, you could say that storytelling is the ultimate act of persuasion. And aren’t we all in the business of persuasion?

I’m Sarah Morton, an SEO copywriter and brand storyteller based in Sydney, who helps businesses tell stories using compelling content marketing. I work

with digital, design and advertising agencies as well as a range of brands across the tourism, non-profit, healthcare, finance and consumer lifestyle industries.

Whether you need a creative concept for an advertising campaign, SEO copywriting that will transform your website or blog articles to engage your audience, I can work with you to discover and share your brand story.

I believe that everyone should do what they do best and love most. For me, that’s helping businesses tell their stories and grow their brand. If that’s not what you do best and love most, I’d be delighted to help. Get in touch today.

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